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Driver Selection ::

Drivers applying for work at TCH are asked to complete an application form and then undergo a written test. Applicants passing this test are interviewed by our Safety Manager to ensure their suitability to TCH. Applicants who pass this first interview are then interviewed by our Operations Manager. Those passing this second interview are then asked to undertake a comprehensive medical examination at the hospital of our choice. They are also asked to apply for a criminal check and Licence certification check from their home province if they pass the medical examination.

Driver Induction Training ::

All new drivers undergo a comprehensive induction program that lasts approximately 21 days. This covers an introduction to TCH and its policies, defensive driving skills, truck safety features, product knowledge, fire fighting skills, spill containment procedures, emergency response procedures, loading and unloading procedures, traffic rules, TCH’s reporting requirements, and our pay, bonus and allowance system. They will also join the next refresher course in first aid training that we run. Part of this induction program includes discussion and study of our Drivers Manual that sets out all major procedures to be followed and penalties that will be applied for failing to follow these procedures. It also gives them a copy of our official Company policies.

Smith Training ::

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Smith System
Advanced Defensive Driver Training

5 Key Smith System

                                                 + Aim High In Steering
                                                 + Get The Big Picture
                                                 + Keep Your Eyes Moving
                                                 + Leave Yourself  An Out
                                                 + Make Sure They See You

Smith System is the professional driver training Five Keys of Space Cushion Driving focuses on the core driving fundamentals of space, visibility and time.

Following this, new drivers are then sent out with a senior driver for a period of 30 days on-the-job training. This is followed by another driver appraisal before they can become full-time drivers for TCH.

Drivers Training at Sriracha Depot

Driver Refresher Training ::

All drivers are required to complete our scheduled, refresher courses run throughout the year to ensure they maintain the high standards we expect of them. They are reminded of the Department of Labour’s requirements in regard to working hours, rest times and leave times. As explained in our Company Policy section, TCH is committed to complying with all government regulations.

Driver Appraisals ::

Regular driver performance appraisals are done. Senior drivers are involved in the on-job-assessment program we run. This includes the use of checklists for the major procedures in a trip. It also includes assessment by our Safety team. This information is used to improve drivers’ performance and also to identify areas that need to be covered in refresher training.

Drivers Training at Sriracha Depot

Safety Promotional Program ::

TCH have adopted a series of measures to help promote safety among its employees, especially the drivers. Apart from the comprehensive training program that has already been mentioned, we have regular 5/10 minute safety talks, at least once a week.

We have a Safe Driving On Air' program in which a safety message is read and discussed with drivers while they are on the trip. This is designed to highlight any dangers on their trip. Some of these items may originate with fellow transport companies who notify us of ‘black spots’ on some routes. They can also cover some items that are reminding drivers of safety issues that have been discussed recently.

To support our Drug and Alcohol Awareness training, we have regular and random drug testing of drivers. We have our own breath-testing equipment and use urine analysis testing for drugs. Naturally, all new drivers must submit to these tests before they can be employed with TCH.

A further program is the Driver Performance evaluations that are done by the other driver on the trip. They use standard checklists for this procedure that have been prepared by our Safety team and they are reviewed with the team on completion of the trip.

There are also safety checks that are performed by the Safety team themselves. These are done once or twice each year for every driver and are used in formal driver evaluations.

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Safety Promotional Program “Zero Accident

A further incentive program is our Driver of the Month and Driver of the Year awards. These awards are determined by the total of all the bonus points that are given to each driver for their performance on each trip during the month and year. The points are earned from their compliance with all the safety and procedural rules they are given. The points are accumulated, with the highest points being awarded the prize.

TCH is not just satisfied with existing programs however. We continue to observe and note what other transport companies are doing to see if any of their ideas are suited to our operation and staff. We also examine what is going on in overseas companies to ensure our standards remain high and our programs are the best support for safety in Thailand.

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