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Track and Trace System ::

It is now TCH policy to have all trucks fitted with a GPS navigation system. This allows us to download data after each trip and review the truck and driver performance. At the present time, we can add the ability to download data while the truck is in transit to and from the customer sites. This capability is available from our current service providers, and they are developing the system for future use. Systems from Europe that already have this capability are far too expensive in Thailand and there is too little infrastructure to support their systems. Also, at the present time, our contract partners are willing to support the cost of these systems.


CB equipment is also used on all trucks so we can maintain constant contact with all our fleet. All trucks are required to make regular contact with our dispatch department to verify their current status and location. All drivers also carry mobile phones to use in emergency situations or as a backup to the CB system. This enables us to provide the best possible service to both our contract partners and their clientele.


Dispatch Department ::

Our dispatch department handles all the communication between the trucks and the depot. They notate all CB calls on a log sheet. These are checked with the Trip Report and Tachograph when the truck returns from the trip. The staff check all trip reports for accuracy and discuss any problems with the drivers. Dispatch staff allocate both trucks and drivers to each trip to ensure all drivers have their proper rest breaks and everyone gets an equal amount of work. They also have a regular 'Safe Driving on Air' report that is read to the drivers. These reports are prepared at least twice a week and contain safe driving hints and tips plus flash news items from other contractors. It is also the job of dispatch staff to perform drug and alcohol testing on drivers before trips. They liaise with the Safety staff on these issues. Dispatch staff operate 24 hours per day so they maintain constant contact with the trucks.

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